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Pirates II.
This page is dedicated to the game Pirates II. Load up your cannons, fly the Jolly Roger and set sails for an adventurous voyage in the Caribbean !

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Pirates II.
This game is a remake of an old Pirates! game which was released by Microprose in 1987th. If you're one of those who love(d) old Pirates! and you would like to play a newer version, this is what you're looking for. Honestly, Pirates II. is very similar to the old Pirates!. It is just a re-programmed version of Pirates!, but it uses nicer 256 color graphics, it is more user-friendly, and with many improvements (see below). But, the game isn't completed , and to be honest, it will NEVER be completed. But this version, most probably the latest ever to be released, is pretty close to the final version.

If you want to, you may take a look at some full-screen pictures from Pirates II.
If you have any problems playing the game, please visit my FAQ & Troubleshooting Page.

List of 10 most important improvements:
1. 256-colored graphic
2. Improved "in a city" part, you can use mouse to select destiantion
3. Smooth scrolling
4. Manual sails and cannons control during fight
5. New cargo was added - Gun Powder - which is essential for shooting
6. New ground-battle system, now it's real-time strategy like
7. Trading and allying with other ships
8. More active dating
9. Health and doctor features were included
10. You can choose your face ... and much more !

More detailed information about the game:
Requirements: CPU - 486
System - DOS, Win95, Win98, Win2000 only with DOS emulator !
Memory - 520 kB lower memory, 1 MB XMS
Graphics: Resolution - good old 320 x 200
Colors - 256
Sound: No sound, Music plays on PC Speaker (but it's really poor)
Controls: Keyboard, mouse (required)

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